The Mission of The North Iowa Diversity Appreciation Team is to work to inspire and empower the diverse population of North Iowa to recognize, value and respect all people.
The Vision of The North Iowa Diversity Appreciation Team is to be an integral partner in the success of the community embracing diversity.
The North Iowa Diversity Appreciation Team has three objectives:
1. Appreciate our differences
2. Take responsibility for our prejudices
3. Think regionally, focus locally
The membership of The North Iowa Diversity Appreciation Team is open to individuals and agencies in North Iowa interested in promoting any type of diversity including racial, religious, physical, cultural or other.
1. Individuals requesting membership shall be voted on at the next regularly scheduled board meeting, provided that there are sufficient numbers to conduct business. Membership is granted with a simple majority of voting members present.
2. The membership shall be classified as follows:
a. Voting Members are those members who have attended six meetings within the last rolling 12 months. The Secretary shall be responsible for tracking, maintaining, and determining membership status.
b. Associate members are those members who have not attended six meetings within the last rolling 12 months. Associate members have all the rights and privileges of voting members with the exception of being unable to vote on issues before the board.
1. It is the duty and privilege of all members to support the Mission, Vision, and Objectives of NIDAT. 2. A member may ask to be removed from the membership roles at any time.
3. A member may be removed from the membership roles for, but not limited to, conduct not befitting the mission, vision, and objectives of NIDAT or inactivity by a 2/3 vote.
The North Iowa Diversity Appreciation Team shall have an executive committee consisting of two Co- Chairs, Secretary and Treasurer. Candidates for expired office openings (Officers) shall be determined either on a volunteer or nominated basis, with a vote to be held at the October board meeting.
1. The Officers shall be voting members of NIDAT.
2. No officer shall hold more than one elected office at a time.
3. No officer shall be eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office. 4. A term shall consist of two calendar years, with the following staggered term schedule:
NIDAT By-Laws 10.2009
Page 1
a. Co-chair (a) and Secretary – term begins January 1st of even numbered year and ends December 31st of odd numbered year.
b. Co-chair (b) and Treasurer – term begins January 1st of odd numbered year and ends December 31st of even numbered year.
5. Duties:
Executive Committee:
i. meet as needed to discuss NIDAT items for agenda
ii. provide an annual review of the membership roster
iii. appoint vacated officer positions until the next calendar year begins at which new office
terms begin
iv. to oversee and provide administration of NIDAT to enable it to fulfill its Mission, Vision,
and objectives
v. provide oversight to the subcommittees
vi. to seek to involve all members in service and support
vii. to evaluate NIDAT’s activities in relation to its mission, vision and objectives
viii. to promote a climate of peace and goodwill and to foster mutual understanding within NIDAT
ix. to provide long range planning consistent with the mission, vision and objectives of NIDAT in association with the Steering Committee
x. shall see that the provisions of the bylaws be carried out
xi. shall prepare an annual budget, to be approved by a 2/3 majority of the voting
membership at the October board meeting for fiscal year January through December
xii. shall ascertain that the financial affairs of NIDAT are being conducted efficiently, giving
particular attention to the prompt payment of obligations
xiii. shall be responsible for the financial and property matters of NIDAT.
xiv. shall be responsible for appointing members to the subcommittees, with confirmation of
these appointees provided by a simple majority of voting members present.
xv. annually review all appointed positions.
xvi. shall review and reaffirm the mission, vision, and objectives of NIDAT every 2 years with ratification by the membership with a 2/3-majority vote of the voting members.
xvii. shall prepare an annual summary of NIDAT’s activities for the calendar year for February board meeting
b. Co-Chairs:
i. a minimum of one co-chair shall preside over all regular and special board meetings of
ii. carry out the duties of the executive committee
iii. shall serve as official spokes persons for the group
iv. attempt to be present at all board meetings of NIDAT
v. appoint someone to take minutes of the meeting if Secretary is not present
vi. shall have staggered terms to promote consistency and maintain experience within the
c. Secretary:
i. attempt to be present at all regular and special meetings of NIDAT
ii. enter the minutes of the meeting into the permanent record
iii. conduct all official correspondence of the group, except as those required to be produced by
the co-chairs in their spokesperson capacity
iv. have custody of the archives of NIDAT, act as Historian of the group, and pass along to each
succeeding secretary for a smooth transition
v. maintain the membership roles of NIDAT, and provide for the tracking and status of voting
vs. associate members
vi. provide the co chairs with information as to whether a quorum is present
vii. carry out the duties of the executive committee
NIDAT By-Laws 10.2009 Page 2
d. Treasurer:
i. be responsible for an accurate recording of receipts and disbursements, and budgeted and
actual expenditures
ii. shall suggest improved methods and systems for financial records
iii. present a written annual report annually at the February board meeting
iv. keep NIDAT abreast of the financial status of the group at each regular meeting
v. be responsible for prompt payment of NIDA T’ s obligations as authorized
vi. be responsible for collecting documentation for expenses presented to NIDAT for payment
vii. sign all checks for payments of authorized expenses
viii. annually review that an alternate signer is in place in case of incapacity of this position,
alternate signer to be an officer of NIDAT
ix. follow the spending limits and approvals of NIDAT
x. carry out the duties of the executive committee
The North Iowa Diversity Appreciation Team shall name committees as needed to complete tasks and/or/projects taken on by the Team. Committee structure shall consist of a First Chair and Second chair and an additional one to three additional members. The First and Second Chair of each committee shall have staggered terms to promote consistency and maintain experience on the committee. Committees may include but are not limited to:
1. Steering Committee – Shall meet periodically to review and make necessary changes to the by laws and structure; shall oversee development and continuity of the ongoing strategic planning process; shall review proposed projects, events and programs for the feasibility and compatibility with the mission and vision of The North Iowa Diversity Appreciation Team. The Steering Committee shall provide oversight and direction to the Special Events and the Networking & Partnering Committees. This committee may not have more than two members from the executive committee.
2. Special Events Committee – Shall be responsible for the planning, development and execution of special events, projects and programs as directed by the Steering Committee.
3. Networking & Partnering – Shall seek out opportunities to reach out to other groups and/or agencies for partnering and/or networking opportunities needed to promote diversity in North Iowa acting as an arm of the Steering Committee promoting the strategic objectives of the North Iowa Diversity Appreciation Team. Shall serve to promote membership in NIDAT by actively recruiting members.
4. Development Committee—Shall be responsible for seeking grant funding and writing grant applications for the promotion for the missions, visions, objectives, and activities of NIDAT.
Regular board meetings of The North Iowa Diversity Appreciation Team are held monthly. Notice of meetings is posted on the NIDAT website and planned agenda is sent out prior to each meeting to the membership list.
1. Robert’s Rules of Orders shall govern all parliamentary procedures at all meetings of NIDAT.
2. A regular meeting may be held provided at least one Co-Chair is present and a minimum of four additional voting members are present, this shall be a quorum. Voting members in attendance constitute the board for that meeting.
3. There are two different voting majority options available for conducting business. The bylaws determine the type of voting majority required for passage of particular types of motions. These voting majority options are:
a. Simple majority of voting members present,
b. 2/3 majority of all voting members.
NIDAT By-Laws 10.2009 Page 3
4.Motions ending in a tie vote are deemed not to pass.
5. Voting majority for motions not specified within the by-laws is a simple majority of voting members present.
6. Each board meeting will be conducted utilizing a timed agenda:
a. Any member can add an item for discussion to the agenda.
b. Agenda items are to forwarded to the designated co-chair.
c. Agenda items may be added up to one week prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting.
d. The agenda shall be forwarded to all members that have email addresses provided and/or posted to the NIDAT website, one week prior to the regular meeting.
e. At the discretion of the co-chair(s) in attendance, items not on the agenda may be added to that meeting or added to the next regularly scheduled meeting.
f. At the discretion of the co-chairs(s) in attendance, items that are felt to deserve further discussion or due to meeting length will not receive sufficient time to discuss, may be tabled for the next meeting, or another meeting with a simple majority vote.
6. Voting by absentee ballot and/or conducting voting by email shall be permitted with results tabulated by the secretary and oversight provided by the Executive Committee.
7. Special board meetings may be called by the Executive Committee.
a. Announcement of special meetings are to be made of no less than 10 days notice and shall be posted on the website with the agenda emailed to members. The agenda shall specify the purpose of the special meeting and no other business may be transacted than what is specified.
8.Executive Committee Meetings
a. Yhe executive committee may meet at any time
b. May include discussions but not the conducting of business
c. Have no announcement or agenda requirements.
d. May include the appointment of vacated positions as provided for in the bylaws
1. The treasurer may pay any pre-approved budget item not exceeding $500.00
2. Pre-approved budget items may be paid in excess of $500.00 with a simple majority vote of voting
members present at a regular board meeting
3. Off budget items less than $500.00 may be paid with a simple majority vote of voting members
present at a regular board meeting.
4. Off budget items greater than $500.00 require a 2/3 majority vote of all the voting members
5. Exclusions to the above spending limits: items that affect the safety, preservation, basic function of
any facilities or real property of NIDAT, or items that are reduced by specific gifts or fundraising
efforts designated to fall within the expenditure limits
6. Shall not encumber debt to exceed more than 1/10th of the annual budget
Changes to the bylaws are submitted to and reviewed by the Steering Committee. Approvals for bylaws revisions require a 2/3 majority of all voting members.
Should NIDAT ceases to exist as an entity, any assets (i.e. real property, cash, supplies) shall be donated to a not for profit organization which the executive committee deems to most align itself with the current mission, vision and objectives of the organization.